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tattoo aftercare

  • Keep the bandage on until you are in a place where you can wash your tattoo.

  • When you take your bandage off, immediately jump in the shower for at least 20 minutes. Wash with warm water and mild antibacterial soap - Dial works. There will be a thin layer of plasma on the skin. Make sure to clean the skin thoroughly.

  • Wash again when you notice the plasma building up, this is how a scab is formed. Wash 3 to 4 times a day or as often as needed.

  • Gently pat to dry and let the tattoo air-dry before putting any clothes on.

  • Your tattoo is an open wound. Take every precaution to keep dirt or germs away from the skin.

  • After about 3 days your skin will start to feel tight and dry - begin to apply lotion. Remember to apply very, very thin layers - too little is better than too much. Make sure to rub the lotion into your hands first then apply to the tattoo. We recommend Lubriderm or any unscented lotion.

  • Lotion 3 to 5 times a day or as needed. You goal is to peel like a sunburn; let the flakes come off by themselves.

  • After the flakes are gone the new skin will be shiny. Make sure to continue to moisturize when dry or itchy.

  • Tattoos take between 2 to 3 weeks to heal.


  • Do Not pick or scratch your new tattoo. If it itches slap it lightly.

  • Do Not use Vaseline, bacitracin, neosporin or anything else other people will tell you to use.

  • Do Not expose your tattoo to the sun for at least one month. (After it is healed you can use sunscreen to protect it).

  • Do Not soak your tattoo while it is still healing. No baths, jacuzzis or swimming pools for 2 weeks. Short showers are fine but make sure the skin is able to dry before putting any clothes on.

  • Do Not shave your tattoo for 2 weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

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